Anything and Everything.

Anything and Everything.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just A Little Rant..

Thought I'd mention a little bit about Call of Duty today.

I know, it's a talentless game that has come to embody everything that is wrong with American culture, etc. Regardless, it is still among the more polished FPS titles out, mostly thanks to their framerate fixation.

Anyway, I think Activision execs need to be drawn and quartered. Their massacring the franchise, somewhere along the likes of Guitar Hero. A title a year, what is this Madden? How much more can you stuff into a game box. Why not include new content as DLC?

I fell in love with the series at CoD 1 for PC, and immediately realized it was superior to Medal of Honor and other competing franchises.

At this point, I think Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops are the climax of this hysteria. Mw3 will be the swan song, especially without IW.

Fuck you Activision.

R.I.P. CoD.


  1. COD MW2 was the last one I've played
    I don't think I'll buy another one though
    Also, good luck with the blog!

  2. totally agreed, cod gets a little more boring with each new one +1 follower

  3. after cod2 the game got downhill